Al-Burhan: Achievement of Peace is Top Priority

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Khartoum Dec. 3 (SUN A)- Chairman of Sovereignty Council, Lt. Gen. Abdu-Fattah Al-Burhan affirmed that the achievement of comprehensive peace and strengthening the stability in the country represent a priority in the transitional period.

This came during his meeting Tuesday at the Republican Palace with the head of UNAMID, Jeremiah Mamabolo.

The Head of UNAMID said in a press statement following the meeting that he discussed with chairman of the Sovereign Council a number of issues related to achievement of peace and stability in the country.

He stressed that the UNAMID will support the building peace process and realization of sustainable peace in the country.

Mamabolo noted that he briefed Chairman of Sovereign Council on the UNAMID support to the non-governmental parties at the dispute areas, particularly the women and displaced persons to enable them to participate in the peace process and to expresstheir views on the ways to maintain peace.