Sadiq al-Mahdi to address supporters in Gezira Abba tomorrow

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Kosti, Dec.5 (SUNA) The Head of the National Umma Party and Imam of Al-Ansar, Al-Sadig Al-Mahd, on Friday afternoon, will address a mass rally of Ansar and supporters of the party in Gezira Abba.

The visit of Imam Sadiq al-Mahdi is of particular importance to the party's rules in the state, as the White Nile is the state from which the Mahdist revolution began. He pointed out that the visit comes within the general mobilization led by the Umma Party after the advent of the December Revolution and strengthening the transitional government.

The Chairman of the party in the White Nile State, Al-Hadi Abu Raya said the visit represents special importance to the members of the party in the state, as the While Nile is the state where the Mahdist Revolution started.