Attorney General Issues Statement on Cases of Glorious Revolution Martyrs

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Khartoum, Dec. 8 (SUNA) – The Attorney General of the Republic of Sudan affirmed has refuted the allegation circulated lately on withdrawing of cases and suit files of Revolution martyrs from the Public Prosecution, stressing that no circle has the right to withdraw and transfer cases from before Public Prosecution, and that it is an authority and an independent body whose activities are regulated by the Public Prosecution Law for the year 2017 and the Criminal Procedure Law for 1991.

In a statement he issued Sunday, the Attorney General pointed to a press release he issued on November 27, 2017 through which he affirmed that all the reports of the martyrs of the glorious December Revolution are under investigation by various Public Prosecution offices, indicating that immunities of some of the accused persons have been lifted.

At the outset of his statement, the Attorney General wished mercy for the martyrs and asked Almighty Allah to bless their pure souls with mercy.

He asserted that the investigations are still ongoing, and there is no body authorized by law to withdraw these cases, except the Attorney General or at the request of a competent court.

With regard to the sit-in breaking reports and their repercussions, the Attorney General pointed out that coordination will made with the national committee in the dealing with the leveled complaints for the purposes of investigation.

He said that the Attorney General has previously issued a written circular to all the attorneys to continue the investigations in all the reports leveled to them.

The Attorney General stressed that, according to his authorities, he has issued several decisions regarding the formation of important and different committees to be responsible for seeing, inquiring and investigating all facts since 1989 until April 11, 2019, except for those facts that were stipulated in the Constitutional Document for the transitional period, to include the crimes of murder, torture, crimes against humanity, rape, disappearance, corruption and other crimes.

The statement affirmed that the Public Prosecution is the custodian of the criminal justice and that it will do its utmost to bring the perpetrators to fair trials and to represent the prosecution before the courts of various classes.