Labour Market Assessment in Khartoum State

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Khartoum,Dec10(SUNA)- Secretary General of Khartoum State Government, Mohamed Mostafa has affirmed the importance of supply and demand study in the labor market to create industrial and urban development in the State.

He was addressing the workshop of (Findings on labour market assessment in Khartoum State ) organized Monday by United Nations Industrial Organization(UNIDO) and Ministry of Human Development and Labor in the state of Khartoum, funded by the European Union(EU), at Kanon Hotle in Khartoum.

He pointed out that the State needs support from other organizations and bodies in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Human Resources and Labor in the field of vocational and professional training and labour, stressing the implementation of the outputs and recommendations of workshop.


Ram Kishore Prasad Singh, Chief Technical Advisor in (UNIDO) office in Khartoum stated that (UNIDO) and the Khartoum State Supreme Council for Human Development and Labor (SCHDL) implemented the Labor Market Assessment to examine the skills supply and labor market needs in the region. He reviewed the duration and funding of the project ,the purposes of the assessment ,explaining that the project aims to upgrade skills and experiences for Sudanese and migration youth in collaboration with a number of professional and vocational training centers ,as an attempt to link the private sector to educational centers that provide skills and knowledge in this field, which is an important forward step in terms of finding jobs and employment opportunities for young people.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed El-Sayed Abdel-Mumin, Country Director of UNIDO, said that the Organization has many projects in various fields of industrial development, agricultural field, professional and vocational training. He said that the project of this workshop works in the field of developing entrepreneurship and employment for the local population besides the displaced and refugees, funded from the European Union, targeting 2500 young people (women and men) in the field of vocational training. Federal industry.

Mohamed El-Sayed indicated that the workshop aims to present the results of the labor market assessment to the partners to suggest amendments, proposals and give approval, from governmental institutions and international organizations participating in the workshop. He said that the main focus of the study is the balance between supply and demand in the labor market and employment, noting the importance of taking into account the skills, knowledge in line with the market requirements, stressing that the study contains figures that enable decision-makers in Sudan to make plans on employment of youth, women and other sectors .


The market assessment , executed by (Alasima Centre For Training ,Labour and Migration Studies),was conducted within the framework of the European Union-funded UNIDO project on Employment and Entrepreneurship Development for Sudanese Migrant Youth, Refugees.