Attorney General: Salah Gosh Faces Four Cases that are under Investigation

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Khartoum, Dec. 22 (SUNA) – The Attorney General, Tajal-Sir Ali Al-Hibir, pointed out that the former Director of the National Security and Intelligence Service, Salah Abdalla Gosh, currently outside Sudan, is facing four criminal cases which are under inquiry and investigation.

At a press conference he held Sunday at the Presidential Terminal in Khartoum Airport, the Attorney General announced that he is personally following up the policemen, Nazar, who passed away in Cairo, adding that the Public Prosecution is awaiting results of the analysis of samples from the deceased body to compare with the analysis that were done in Cairo, affirming that the samples will be sent to England n the case of any difference between the two analyses, the samples will be sent to England to get assured on a suspicion in his death, so that the causes of death before conducting the inquiry and investigation.

He said that the Public Prosecution started inquiry and investigation in the incidents that happened in Darfur since the year 2003 on ground that they have shocked the world conscience and humanity.

The Attorney General pointed out that he and the Minister of Justice will visit Darfur states in next January to develop a vision which is different to that of the past.

Al-Hibir indicated that he has reviewed all the international reports in Darfur incidents, affirming that inquiry will be made even with the convicted persons.

 He added that international reports are accusing more than 51 persons of the former regime, including Omer Al-Bashir, Ahmed Haroun, Abdul-Rahim Mohamed Hussein and Ali Koshaib of involvement in war crimes and their consequences.