New vision to attract investors in the White Nile State

2020-01-19 17:48:47.537 | view 115 | share : |

Kosti, January 1 (SUNA) - The Commissioner-General for Investment in the White Nile State Imtithal Mohamed Satti has affirmed that the state developed a new vision to create an environment and an attractive climate for investment in accordance with a law that encourages investment and facilitates procedures for foreign and national investors. The Commissioner-General of Investment in the state said, in a statement to SUNA that the White Nile State wass one of the rich states with natural resources, comparative advantages and capabilities that are desired by investors, revealing that the state has developed an investment map that included the state's basic information and data besides its most important characteristics that facilitae swift choice for the investors. Imtithal explained that the state has prepared models of investment projects and has been promoting them to those wishing to invest in the services, industry and agriculture sectors, stressing that the Investment Commission has overcome the obstacles and challenges it faced in the ownership of agricultural land by creating a satisfactory production relationship between farmers and investors. She added that the state has brought back investment projects that their legal duration ended in accordance with the Investment Act, and now they are exposed to more serious investors.