Training Course on Plan and Drinking Water Safety Launches in AL- Fashir

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AL- Fashir Jan 19(SUNA)-Training course was launched Sunday at AL Adwa AL Gurmuzia Hall in AL –Fashir the capital of North Darfur State.  

The course focuses on means of implementing the pan and drinking water safety organized by Water project and environmental sanitation in collaboration with UNICEF.

 The course targeted working cadres in the field of health and water at governmental institutions and organizations operating in water service in North Darfur state.

The national coordinator of water projects and Environmental sanitation Salah Seddiq affirmed the importance of public participation in implementing the strategic plan related to drinking water safety from its source up to house door to prevent contamination of water and coping with healthy drinking water system.

The national coordinator stressed that the safety water plan was extended from the strategic framework plan of water sector pointing to protocols and technological agreements stipulated for the importance of maintaining drinking water safety across the world.

 Head of water and environmental sanitation department at UNICEF Haroum Mohamed Nahar said the respective course comes within the UNICEF program   for the year 2020 that focuses on achieving drinking safety water for people affirming the importance of complementary axes that working in the field of water to guarantee reducing risk from the source until it reaches   the consumer.