Sovereign Council Member: State Gives Utmost Concern to Achieving Peace and Stability

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Khartoum, Jan. 19 (SUNA) – Member of the Sovereign Council, Hassan Sheikh Idris Gadhi, affirmed the transitional period institutions are giving utmost concern to the achievement of peace and economic stability.

Addressing Sunday the Workshop  on the Role of Sudanese Canadian Competencies in Transfer of Knowledge, Gadhi pointed out that the upgrading of the diplomatic representation between Sudan and Canada to the level of ambassadors will contribute to strengthening the bilateral relations , the transfer of knowledge and establishing firm economic and investment relations for the interest of the two peoples.

The workshop was organized by the Sudanese Expatriates Authority.

He said that Canada has contributed remarkably to achieving peace in Sudan, and implemented development projects in Darfur the area of water, besides the Kordofan Forest Project and other projects for support to the Sudanese economy.

He referred to the unique location of Sudan and the huge resources in the country, calling on Canada to assume a pivotal role for achieving peace and boosting the stability in Sudan.

The acting Secretary General of the Sudanese Expatriates Authority, Dr. Abdul-Rahman Sid-Ahmed, said that the technology transfer program is being implemented in coordination with the Embassy of Canada toward benefiting from the expatriates experiences in the development process, integrating the expatriation economy in the national economy and enhancing the transfer of technology.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador of Canada to Sudan, Adrian Norfolk, has affirmed the keenness of his country to support the transitional government in Sudan in realizing the democratic transformation, economic stability and peace.

He said that the workshop was held in framework of the cooperation between the two countries, adding that Canada enjoys vast experiences in the fields of agriculture, oil and gas.