Wali of W. Darfur State  Meets Delegation  of Sudanese Professionals  Association

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 Genaina , Jan.20(SUNA)-The Caketaker  Wali of West Darfur State Maj. Gen. Rabie  Abdalla Adam  met  Sunday  in Genaina, capital of West Darfur State  with  delegation of the Sudanese Professionals Association(SPA) led  by Dr Nagi Al-Assam.


 The  meeting  sought  ways  of addressing   the humanitarian situations on background of  recent  incidents occurred in Genaina city  besides pushing the ongoing  efforts  to achieve  the revolution  goals in the State.

Maj. Gen. Adam  hailed  the SPA for coming  to the State to  offer  condolences to families  of  victims of Genaina incidents


 He said that  he  has touched  the delegation’s concern with issues of the  West Darfur  State , pointing to  SPA commitment  to contribute to  solving the service  issues  particularly  issue of Genaina Hospital , and that  the State is committed to provide appropriate  environment  for work in the health field  to avert  adversary effects that  may result in from  existence  of displaced people inside  the institutions.


 Wali of West Darfur   State announced  keenness  to continue  cooperation  and  coordination  with  the  SPA in the State  for implementing the  outcome of the meeting   for sake of  the homeland and citizens.


He said the meeting reaffirmed  keenness  on  elevating  interest of the  country  to be above  all other  interests  through integration of  roles  and exchange of views  among sincere  sons of the  country.


Head of SPA delegation, Dr Nagi Al-Assam, for his part,  said the purposes of the visit  were to  extend condolences to  families  of  victims of Genaina incidents  and  to contribute to  addressing the humanitarian  situations  and ;promoting the social peace , disclosing that the meeting with  Wali  of West Darfur State  reaffirmed importance of providing  aid for  40,000 displaced people  who have occupied  various institutions  in Genaina  city.


 He added  that the meeting also tackled  participation of  forces of  change  in  making change  and providing  essential  and urgent services  for displaced  people.

Dr  Al-Assam  affirmed  necessity of  overcoming  the  critical stage ,  ensuring   non-recurrence  of such  incidents   and pressing ahead with achievement of the revolution goals  in  West Darfur State .