North Track: We will Solve Issue of Affected People at Manaseer and Amri

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Juba, Jan. 24(SUNA)- Chairman of North Sudan Negotiation Track Mohamed  Dawood,  announced  that a big breakthrough  was made in the Track negotiating issues  by  solving  file of  people who were forcibly moved   from Wadi Halfa and the affected people at Al-Hamadab area.


 Dawood, who is also   Chairman of Kush Liberation Movement, said  the two parties  would work  in coordination with the mediation to address file   of affected people   at Al-Manaseer and Amri areas  for  final signature.


 Mohamed Sid Ahmed  Al-Jakomi, Head of  North Sudan Entity AND rapporteur of the North Track  said a tripartite committee  comprising thae two parties and the mediation  was agreed upon  to lokk into  proposals  on a number of  development and economic issues  in North Sudan  and an other committee formed to study   cancellation of establishment  of  dams  of Dal, Kajabar  and Al-Sheraik.


 The agreement, Dawood , explained , stipulates  government commitment  to conduct necessary  studies   for setup  of Merowe canals,  completion of  electricity projects of Abu Hamad and villages of people affected  by erection  of Merowe dam, electrification  of all agricultural schemes ,  resettlement  of nomads.


 He added  that agreement also stipulated  government  commitment to  conduct feasibility studies  for completion of  the second  track of  roads of Al-Tahadi,  North lifeline  and   Western Nile  in addition to  establishment of the proposed  roads.


 On people forcibly moved from Wadi Halfa, Al-Jakomi said the government committed to find appropriate conditions for return of the said people to their areas around Nuba Lake with granting a agricultural and housing plots  for anyone  who desires to return.


  Al-Jakomi indicated to government’s approval of teaching the Nubian language in the basic stage as free subject and not part of basic stage certificate subjects.


 He further added that the two parties agreed to  set up “specialized technical committee” to probe  burial of nuclear and electronic wastes  in  River Nile and Northern States.