Sudan Embassy to Canada Organizes Symposium on Sudanese Antiquates

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Khartoum, Jan. 28 (SUNA) – The Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in Canada has organized, in cooperation with the American Archaeological Institute a large seminar on “Nubia, the Land of Hidden Treasures: An Overview of Nubian Antiquities in Sudan”, which was given by Professor Christophe Krizimsky, the senior curator of Museums at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, at the main hall of Saint Paul University In Ottawa.

At the symposium, Sudan Ambassador, Tareq Abu-Saleh, has shed light on the Kush Civilization that flourished before more than 3000 years, and which was considered a superpower in the ancient world and had many connections and relations with the outside world.

He stated that many foreign armies have attempted to conquer Kush but they had failed to occupy its lands and pointed to the great and numerous contributions given by the Kingdom of Kush to humanity.

The ambassador praised the great role of Canadian scholars in spreading the Sudanese cultural heritage in the world, referring to their roles of the Professor of Archeology at Calgary University, Peter Cheney, Professor Christophe Krizimski of the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, and the Canadian politician, Adam Gambroni, in this regard.

He also lauded the great work done by Professor Christophe Krezimsky who has issued a number of books and scientific research on the Sudanese antiquities.

Professor Christophe Krezimski, gave a review at the symposium on all the historical epochs in Sudan, highlighting on the progress of the Kingdom of Karma in architecture and urban planning that appeared in temples, palaces and other buildings, and praised the great efforts made by the Swiss archaeologist Charles Bonnet in the archaeological discovery in Sudan.