Media Committee of Economic Conference Holds Information Meeting

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Khartoum, March.7 (SUNA) - The Information Committee of the National Economic Conference chaired by the Committee Chairman, Mohammed Abdulhamid Abdul Rahman held, Saturday, an information meeting, for media, at the Sudan News Agency.

The Economic Advisor of the Prime Minister, Dr. Adam Hereika addressing the meeting reviewed the economic situation, the challenges, the goals of the conference, the organizational structure and the programs of the conference.

He said the conference which will be held during 29-31 March is considered an opportunity for the societal dialogue between the components of the state, the civil society organizations and the social and economic research corporations to discuss the urgent economic challenges facing the country to reach a consensus, in this connection.

He pointed out that the conference which comes under the motto (Towards Comprehensive Reform and Sustainable Economic development), will be preceded by workshops and sumposium for the sectors during March.22, adding that the outcome of workshops and symposium will be presented before the main conference.

“ The conference will review a number of work papers in seven sessions including the general framework of the democratic development state, program of the Transitional Government, spheres of producyion and export, expansion of job opportunities, balance of payment and economic stability.

Dr. Hereika affirmed the necessity for the implementation of the outcome of the Economic Conference to address the distortions inherited from the previous regime, in order to enable Sudan to play its leading role in its regional and global surroundings.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of of the Conferenc’s Information Committee, the Director General of Sudan News Agency, called on the media to give due concern to the importance of addressing the economic issues that the country is going through, stressing the importance of the media in reflecting the image that the Sudanese economy is going through, noting that the conference contributes to work out practical solutions to the economic crisis in the country.