Bank branches in South Darfur establish consortium to finance farmers

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Nyala, August 9 (SANA) - The representative of the banks contributing to the financing of the agricultural season consortium in South Darfur State and the Director of the Bank of Animal resources Branch Mohamed Abyad has affirmed readiness of the banks to finance the farmers to complete the remaining agricultural season operations including grass cleansing (Kadaip) and harvesting. "We have put together an integrated plan to implement the financing consortium," Abyad said, after their meeting with the South Darfur Acting Wali (governor) Engineer Sabeel Ahmed Sabeel at his office Thursday. "We have overcome all the obstacles by providing funds to the farmers that enable them to produce in a proper manner," he said. Engineer Sabeel praised the responsiveness of the commercial banks and their contribution to the financing process, pointing out that the state has comparative advantages in the agricultural and animal sectors and has producers if they find finance, they will contribute to the economic boom, referring to the trend of the state government to the process of manufacturing and export of agricultural products of high quality. The Director of the Agency for the Guarantee of Microfinance of the Darfur sector Mohamed Adam Yousuf praised the South Darfur state's concern with the funding process and its initiative in establishing a financing consortium, adding that the agency will provide the necessary guarantees to the concerned parties so that it can carry out all its activities to increase production.