Corona-virus delays meeting on food and nutrition security

2020-03-23 19:34:34.860 | view 292 | share : |

Ad-Damazin, March 23 (SUNA) - The Coordinator of the Technical Secretariat for Food Security in the State of the Blue Nile Al-Hadi Khairallah has said that the precautions for the new Corona-virus led to the delay of the meeting of the integrated staging classification for the status of food and nutritional security for the 18 states of Sudan, including the state of Blue Nile, which was scheduled to be during the current month of March.

Khairallah pointed out, in a statement to SUNA, to the importance of an integrated interim classification for the status of food and nutritional security, especially for the state of Blue Nile as a war and contact area affected by conflicts, revealing that the convening of the meeting would have make the state get the accurate classification enabling international humanitarian organizations to intervene and deliver assistance to those affected and fragile communities and make it easier for decision-makers to do what is necessary, given that the report is scientific and an early warning.