Dongola State Affirms Stability of Health Situation

2020-03-25 13:31:34.820 | view 185 | share : |


dongola, Mar. 25 (SUNA) - The Director General of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Northern state, Dr. Sabir Fathi, has affirmed the stability of the health situation in the state.

Noted in statements to SUNA that there is no suspected cases of corona virus in the state, indicating the continuation of closure of the crossings for arrivals to the country.

He added that quantities of assistive devices, such as masks, gloves and solutions, shall be distributed to hospital and quarantine personnel.

On his part, the Director of Oshket crossing, Gen. (Ret), Al- Hadi Al- Ja'ak affirmed closure of the crossing before returnees, adding that Egyptian returnees and exportations were allowed to pass the crossing.