Military Survey Enters in Irrigation Ministry’s Centre for Information Systems Studies

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 Khartoum, April 6 (SUNA)-An armed force from the Army   entered  the Centre for Information Systems Studies which is affiliated to Ministry of Irrigation  and Water Resources at Soba suburb and prevented workers  from entering the centre to  carry out their works.

According to Director of the Centre Engineer Abdul Rahman Saghairoon the force which affiliates  to the Military Survey led by (major general, colonel and captain) arrived the centre premises  on January 7th and took over directorate of the centre without notifying  the Minister of Irrigation or Undersecretary of the Ministry.

He indicated  that the commander  of the force informed him that  the step came as assignment  from  the Sovereign Council along with allowing the workers to  do their works , but  by March 14, the issue developed  and that  the Military Survey had put its hand fully on the Centre  and preveanted  workers  from entering  the Centre  to carry out  their tasks.

Saghairoon justified  the Ministry’ silence over the past three months  for the critical situations  the country has been experiencing  and that the Minister  of Irrigation and Water Resources Professor Yasser Abbas tried to solve  the problem  through contact with  concerned authorities at xthe Council of Ministers.

The Engineer Saghairoon considered the incident unprecedented violation as the centre is a civilian unit affiliates  to Ministry of Irrigation as the Minister himself inspected  the Centre at end of the last week and met with the alternate officer  and notified him with his rejection  to the step.