Alarming Increase of Elderly Deaths in Al-Fasher

2020-05-19 21:18:01.340 | view 423 | share : |

Al-Fasher May (SUNA) - The Governor, caretaker of North Darfur, Major General Malik Al-Tayeb Khojali, admitted that the city of Al-Fasher, the state’s capital, witnessin these days a situation of health instability resulting from sudden deaths among its elderly people.

In his address through the state’s radio station he called on the state’s citizens, not to leave the state for any reason, appealed to the citizens of the state’s other localities to stay in their localities and not to come to Al Fasher until the reasons for the sudden death phenomenon are known.

The Governor called on all families to intensify the health care for the elderly and presenting them to doctor in case of health emergency, and to report any sudden deaths to the health authorities, pointing out to the series of mysterious and remarkable deaths among those who exceeded the age of 70 years which have exceeded 100 cases since the beginning of this week a.

The Governor appreciated in his address the level of citizens' commitment to precautionary measures and health controls during the last period, noting to the more efforts needed to overcome the corona pandemic.