Withdrawal of Minawi Movement from SRF Approved

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Khartoum, May 20 (SUNA) - The leadership council of the Revolutionary Front approved the withdrawal of the Sudan Liberation Movement, led by Minni Arko Minawi, from the Sudanese Revolutionary Front.

The leadership council of the Revolutionary Front issued statement announcing that the movement took the choice to lose its membership in the front, a matter which allows the revolutionary front to fill this vacant seat with whoever deserves it.

The statement noted that the Minawi has lost the right to represent the revolutionary front in the group of the Sudan’s Forces’ Call in which Minawi is its General Secretariat, expressing regret the stance of the Sudan’s Liberation Movement - Minawi, which came at a time that needs unity, and the Sudanese people were looking forward to achieving peace in order to complete the requirements of the transitional period.

The statement added: “The Sudanese Revolutionary Front would like to affirm its keenness to the mediation of the state of South Sudan, the transitional government and all those concerned with the peace issue, that there is only one a Sudan’s Revolutionary Front, and recognition of the existence of another alleged front is unacceptable, and it will have severe negative effects on the overall situations.

The Sudanese Revolutionary Front renewed in the statement its determination to strongly move forward in the path of peace, and its keenness to sign a peace agreement on the 20th of next June, according to the schedule proposed by the mediation.

The RF has called on the Forces of Freedom and Change, regional and international parties and the Sudanese people to support the peace process to fulfill the requirements of the glorious Sudanese revolution.

The RF indicated in the statement that eight of the nine organizations of the Revolutionary Front rejected the paper submitted early this month by the SLA-Minawi movement for reform, in which they demanded radical changes in the structures of the Revolutionary Front and their replacement with a horizontal leadership, in addition to a number of other conditions.

The statement considered the step taken by Minawi's movement as a step aiming to disrupt the peace process, and to have control on the decisions of the Revolutionary Front without a vision and without a desire for peace.