Akram: Changing management tools and methods in health sector a priority

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Khartoum, May 20 (SUNA) – The Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Akram Ali Al-Tom, asserted his respects and appreciation to the Transitional Sovereign Council, stressing his brotherly relation with  Professor Seddig Tawer, the member of the Sovereign Council, expressing his proudness of this relation.

He added: "Any emergency circumstance such as the confronting of the challenges of the corona epidemic is always marred by some unpleasant sensitivities and frictions."

in an interview with the National Television from the Corona Platform, the Health said that the criticisms he was exposed to came due to the administrative methods he followed in the administration of the ministry, noting: "I am different in the way of administration from the former minister Abu Garda," pointing that at the beginning of the transition period there were five priorities, the change of the form of governance and leadership in the health sector, the change of the tools and methods of administration.

He added,  accordingly, the idea of ​​the meeting of the senior administration team in the Ministry of Health which includes all the general managers and council secretaries, is a weekly meeting since my arrival to the ministry, indicating that the meeting discusses the ministry’s approach, the internal plans, and the necessary interdependence between the various departments of the ministry and their accomplishments, explaining that all the decisions and policies that he takes are consulted and discussed in the advisory council of the Ministry of Health that was formed since last December, of which the ministry  benefited a lot, especially in the field of health policies and dealing with the corona pandemic .