Public Prosecution Issues Statement on Ramadan Executions and Sit-in Dissolution

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Khartoum, May 23 (SUNA) - The Public Prosecution has issued a press circular about the investigation committee's conclusion that 28 of the best officers of the Armed Forces have been executed, and announced its expectation that the suspects involved in the dissolution of the sit-in and the commitment of violations will be determined with a high professionalism and during the time limit set by the formation order.

The Public Prosecution stated in a press statement it issued Saturday on the anniversaries of the events of 28 Ramadan, 1410 Hijri, corresponding with April 24, 1990, and the events of 29 Ramadan, 1440 Hijri, corresponding with June 3, 2019, were among the sad events engraved in the memory of the nation.

The statement said, through the inquiries and investigations conducted by the investigation committee in the execution of 28 officers of the Armed Forces on April 24, 1990, the committee reached the fact that 28 officers of the best Armed Forces’ officers were executed.

The statement affirmed that the committee had interrogated 85 witnesses about the events, collected evidence and inferences, and that the procedures are now in the stage of evidence assessment, identifying the accused persons and charging them professionally, adding that the committee realizes the difficulty of the mission and its legal complications, but the role will be for the Judiciary to weigh the evidence and to adapt the facts according to the firmly established provisions of the law.

The statement pointed out that the independent committee, established in accordance with the Constitutional Document, will continue to investigate in the events of the sit-in and is expected to determine the accused persons who are involved in dissolving the sit-in and the violations with a high professionalism and within the time limit set in the order of its formation.

The statement noted that the Attorney General has granted the independent committee the powers of the Public Prosecution to investigate, arrest, search and identify the accused persons and to direct charges to them so as to complete the investigation in a professional and independent manner.

The Public Prosecution affirmed that a number of the martyrs’ cases are now in the final stages of investigations, and that the investigations in the 1989 coup case were completed, adding that the case of student martyrs of Al-Obeid city is now before the Judiciary.