192 New Cases of Corona Virus with 19 Deaths Registered

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Khartoum, May 25 (SUNA) - The Federal Ministry of Health announced the registration of (192) new cases of corona virus, in addition to (19) deaths, according to the daily report of the pandemic of Saturday, May 23, 2020.

The new cases were registered in the states of Khartoum (124) case, Al Gazira (30) cases, Gedaref (6) cases, North Kordofan (7) cases, Sennar (11) cases, North Darfur (11) cases, West Kordofan (1) case, Blue Nile ( 2) cases.

The cases of deaths (5) were in Khartoum State, (6) in Al-Gazira, in North Kordofan (one death case), Gedaref (one death case) and North Darfur (6) cases.

All the registered new cases bring the total number of corona virus since the beginning of the pandemic in Sudan to (3820) cases, including (165) deaths.

(34) Cases recovered, (18) in Khartoum state, (2) in Gazira state, North Kordofan (7), bringing the total number of recovered cases to (458).

the cumulative total number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic in Sudan,  and according to the affected states, Khartoum (3081) cases, Al-Gazira (244) cases, North Kordofan (110) case, Gedaref (110) cases, Sennar (83) cases, South Darfur (28) cases, Kassala (35) cases, West Darfur (19) cases, Northern state (13) cases, North Darfur (28) cases, River Nile (15) cases, White Nile state (14) cases, East Darfur (8) cases, West Kordofan (9) cases, Blue Nile (8) cases, Red Sea (10) cases, South Kordofan (3) cases, Central Darfur (2) cases.

The Federal Ministry of Health indicates that the total of the examined samples reached (386) cases from over 3 laboratories, the total of the first samples examined reached (358) cases, the number of the positive samples for the first time (192) cases with a positive rate of 53.6%, while (232) samples were examined in The National Public Health Laboratory were (132) positive for the first time with a positive rate of 56.9%, (87) samples in the laboratory of the Blue Nile Institute of which (43) were positive for the first time with a positive rate of 49.4% , and (39) samples in the Central Laboratory of the Military Medical Laboratory were ( 17) are positive for the first time with a positive rate of 43.6%.

The Ministry noted that there are deaths among the previously announced cases, with the implementation of the Recovery Cases Protocol and the exit from the modernized isolation.

The Ministry stressed on the necessity of adhering to the health emergency law to remain in the homes, the commitment of citizens to apply the preventive guidelines represented in (social distancing, the hand washing and coughing etiquette, the immediate reporting of the suspected cases to the phone number 221 for the Khartoum state and 9090 for reporting for all the states of Sudan.

The Federal Ministry of Health also pointed out to the follow-up to the Ministry’s official website and Facebook page to see the daily epidemiological situation, and not to adopt the fabricated news appearing on the pages of social media before its official announcement.