Mediation denies any Connection with Differences of Revolutionary Front

2020-05-27 15:50:26.003 | view 441 | share : |


Juba, May 27 (SUNA) The Southern Sudan’s Mediation for the Sudan’s Peace in the Juba Platform has denied any connection with the political differences taking place within the Revolutionary Front, considering it as matter pertains to them.

The south Sudan’s mediation has stressed that its role is limited to mediating between the government of Sudan and the armed struggle movements that have accepted the sitting at the negotiating table in Juba platform.

The Mediation said in a statement it has issued today that it is not of its duties to recognize the splits or the exit of any party from the other, nor even that it would name any party, but rather the parties that they call themselves the name they want, therefore the mediation rejects any intentions to involve it in the differences of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front.

 The South Sudan’s Mediation has explained that what was stipulated in the press statement attributed to the head of the Sudan Liberation Army, and his saying that the mediation officially recognized the two wings of the front, is not true, and it is not concerned with the defections within the revolutionary front.

The Mediation has also renewed its commitment to the Juba Declaration for the procedures of confidence-building measures and all the agreements signed between the Transitional Government of Sudan and the Sudanese Revolutionary Front with its various components.

The Mediation has affirmed its cooperation with all the components of the Revolutionary Front in order to advance the negotiating process to end the war and achieve comprehensive peace in Sudan.