Finance and Justice Ministers partake in US Congress session

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Khartoum, (SUNA) - Ministers of Finance, Economic Planning, and Justice Dr. Ibrahim Al Badawi and Dr. Nasr Al-Din Abdel-Bari explained the situation in Sudan to members of the American Congressional Committees in a video conference session hosted by the African Center at the Atlantic Council in Washington.

The ministers presented the great progress made by the transitional government since it took power in September 2019.

Minister of Justice Dr. Nasreddine Abdel-Bari reviewed legal and human rights reform, efforts to achieve peace and dismantle the defunct regime and the need to remove the name of Sudan from the list of states sponsoring terrorism.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Finance Dr. Ibrahim Al-Badawi focused on economic reforms and plans, noting that the negative economic impact of Sudan's presence on the terrorist list.