First Batch of Stranded Arrives by Busses from Egypt

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Khartoum, June 22 (SUNA) – The members of the Sovereign Council, Prof. Siddig Tawer and Aisha Mussa received the first batch of the stranded person in Egypt traveling via busses this morning at the Complex of Musab Bin Omair in Khartoum, in the initiative of the Sudanese Businessmen Club, under the motto (hands in hands, Never leave you).

The chairman of the Sudanese Businessmen Club, PZahir Siddig Al-Bashir, affirmed in a statement to SUNA that the businessmen endowed all their efforts to address the matter of the stranded, appealing to those concerned with citizens interest to extend a helping hand, noting to arrival of (10) busses carrying (440) persons of the stranded, declaring readiness of the businessmen club bear the cost of their hosting, accommodations and care for a period of 15 days.

He indicated it is their duty towards the stranded families, expressing regret for the delay in their return to the country, stressing the trips will continue in the day after tomorrow, with the movement of 10 busses and with 40 busses ready to move, affirming that no one will be left stuck in Cairo or other countries.

The Captain at the General Administration of Medical Services of the military Medical Hospital, Ala’a Eddin Adel Khogali, said that the armed forces are participating in the combat of the corona virus pandemic in the country, noting to its biology and research laboratory for the examination of the stranded people arriving from f Egypt, pointing to conduction of the necessary checks with a form to register all the patients’ data.

A number of returnees of the stranded expressed their thanks for the initiative, while others expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of services, specially the food and drinking during the journey.

It is worth noting the authorities will keep the passports of all the travelers until the results of the examination appear, with the registration of all data of the returnees, their residency and phone numbers, demanding them to quarantine themselves if they are discovered to be infected.