Berlin Conference Supports Sudan with more than 1.5 Billion euros

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Berlin, June 25 (SUNA) - The European Union announced the provision of 312 million euros for Sudan in 2020, including 251 million euros in support of economic and social reform programs, and 93 million euros for family protection programs, a total of 312 million euros for the year 2020.

The European Commissioner for Crisis Management, the representative of the European Union, Mr. Janez Linnarcic, said that there are many programs that must be supported in Sudan, noting there should be continuous support for Sudan's programs in the field of combating corona and humanitarian support.

The Foreign Minister of Germany announced support to the Sudan with 150 million euros for the year 2020, Britain announced a support of 150 million pounds, France 100 million euros, and Sweden pledged 20 million euros in support for the Sudan.

Meanwhile, the United States has announced that it doubled its support to reach $ 356.2 million which is 10 times compared to 2019.