Hamdouk Receives Report on Work of Committee for Investigation in Violations during Sit-In Breaking

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Khartoum, June 27 (SUNA) – The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk, has received a report on the performance of the committee investigating in the violations that accompanied the breaking up of the sit-in before the General Command of the Armed Forces and in the states.

The report indicated that the investigation is proceeding well, as the committee heard the testimonies of more than 3000 witnesses and received more than 150 video recordings which currently under examination.

The committee demanded a number of assistances to continue its work in the required way, referring to some difficulties facing the investigations, which include the full lockdown in Khartoum ad the states that the committee need to access due to the corona pandemic and the procedures accompanying this lockdown, a matter that affected the progress of work.

The report stated that many recordings and videos need technical examination with high technologies in order to analyze the verbal and visual information that they contain so as to be dealt with as evidence in the investigation.

The report also clarified that investigations and interrogations are continuing and the every time new evidence of reasonable legal value appears.

The Prime Minister affirmed that the work of the investigation committee is a great national one that requires full support from all to serve the goals of the revolution and to achieve justice that requires bringing to justice anyone who committed a crime according to the principle of the rule of law, in addition to the fact that the committee’s work is one of the important demands in accordance with the constitutional document.

The Prime Minister promised to identify all the difficulties facing the work of the committee and to provide all the possible needs in order to help it complete its work.