Khartoum State Adopts Security Measures on Anniversary of June 30

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Khartoum, June 27 (SUNA) – The acting Wali (governor) of Khartoum State and head of the state’s security committee, Dr. Yousif Al-Dhai, has issued a statement on outcome of the security committee’s meeting regarding the celebration of the June 30 anniversary.

The state’s Security Committee has mapped out a tight security plan that included several axes, through which it stressed the full coordination between all security and regular services.

The statement indicated that the plan mainly serves the achievement of security and safety for the homeland and the citizens, stressing that the security and regular organs are on standby and in full readiness as regards providing information on intruders’ plans who plan to drag the celebrations into an abyss of sabotage and chaos.

To achieve this plan, the state’s security committee has taken the following decisions:
- The complete closure of bridges, without exceptions, on the days of June 29 and 30, besides the closure of the crossings to and from the states.
- closure of the markets, shops, and services in order not to be vulnerable to the targeting of the intruders.
- Suspending the issuance of new permits until further notice.
- Affirming the adherence to the health lockdown and the full compliance with health directives and requirements for corona prevention.
- Securing the situation of consumer goods, wheat-flour and fuel during the days of June 29 and 30.
- Accompanying of prosecutors to the security forces to take legal measures in the field against of those who intrude.
- The ؤommittee calls on the revolutionaries and citizens in general to cooperate with the security services in preserving the integrity of the celebrations and to avoid encroaching on government buildings and the citizens’ properties and to stay away from military sites and areas.

- The committee calls on the revolutionaries and citizens to be vigilant and to report immediately on the intruders and to informing the regular forces of their presence and not to engage in direct confrontations with them in order to abort their plan to drag the celebrations into violence.