White Nile: Huge Processions to Commemorate June.30

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Kosti, June.30 (SUNA) – The masses of the White Nile State organized, Tuesday, huge processions in all the main towns of the state raising the picture of the martyrs and banners demanding the correction of the path of the Transitional Authority, the completion of the Authority’s structures, realization of justice through the retribution for the martyrs, in addition to achieving a comprehensive peace.

The member of the Forces of Freedom and Change, Al-Sadig Mohammed Al-Siddig, addressing the masses in Al-Hurriya Square, affirmed that all the localities of the state witnessed, Tuesday, processions came to correct the path and realize the demands of the revolution.

He outlined that the First anniversary of the revolution came to realize the goals mapped out by the revolution as road map for building a civilian state and realizing the slogan of Freedom , Peace and Justice.