Atbara: Hundreds Rush to streets to support Transitional Period

2020-06-30 22:08:08.650 | view 111 | share : |


Atbara, June.30 (SUNA)  - Thousands of people  demonstrated in Atbara town, Tuesday, in support of the Transitional period and to speed up the implementation of the revolution demands.

The procession toured the streets of the town chanting slogans calling for the completion of the Transitional Period including the appointment of the civilian Governors and formation of the legislative Councils.

The procession visited the houses of the martyrs of the revolution, Khaled, Mariam , Tarig and Mukhtar and handed a memorandum to the Coordination Office of the Forces of Freedom and Change calling for the implementation of the demands of the revolution and the martyrs.

Member of the Resistance Committee, Mohammed Al-Magboul has described the processions as unprecedented and expresses the real will of the masses.