Corona Cases Reached 10084

2020-07-08 20:45:28.883 | view 502 | share : |


Khartoum, July 8 (SUNA) - The Federal Ministry of Health has announced the registration of 87 new cases of  coronavirus, bringing the total number of infections in the country to 10084.

The new cases of infection registered, 59 registered in Khartoum State, 12 cases in Gezira State, 2 in the White Nile, one case in West Kordufan, 10 cases in the Northern state, 2 in the River Nile state, and one in West Darfur state.

The Federal Ministry of Health noted that 14 deaths were registered, bringing the number of total deaths to 636, while the number of people recovered reached 5074 cases, after the recovery of 40 patients.

The Ministry has called on the citizens to adhere to the health emergency law, by staying at home, and apply preventive advice (social distancing - hand washing - sneezing and coughing etiquette, as well as immediate reporting of suspected new cases.