On foot, from Khartoum to Medani to deliver protest Memo to Dr. Hamdouk

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Madani, June.10 (SUNA) - Two young people from the Resistance Committee, in the midst of Madani, will begin a journey on foot this morning from Madani in Gezira State to Khartoum, (180 km) ,to hand over a memo to the Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk.

The two young men, Mudassir Abd Al-Azim Abu Aqleh and Urabi Ahmed Hamza, aged 18 and19 years old, graduates, decided to walk over to hand over their memo that related to the demands and issuesof the state of the island.

Muddathir Abdul Azim Abu Aqleh told (SUNA) that the memorandum to be delivered to the Prime Minister includes a number of obstacles facing the flow and distribution of fuel, gas, flour and ways to address them in addition to rehabilitating the Gezira Scheme and the agricultural institutions.

Orabi Ahmed Hamzah revealed to (SUNA) that the trip to Khartoum symbolizes the assurance that the path of the revolution is long and requires adherence to its goals.