Laws Endorsed to cope with tasks of Transitional Period

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Khartoum, July.10 (SUNA) – A Number of laws approved, Thursday, by the Head of the Transitional Sovereign Council to realize he tasks of the Transitional period included in the Constitutional Document.

A press release issued, Friday, by the Justice Ministry said the laws included

Law of the Commission for the Reform of the Legal and Justice System of 2020, which is concerned with leading and building the basis for the reform and development of the legal and justice system.

The Miscellaneous Amendments (Fundamental Rights and Freedoms) Act of 2020, which is concerned with making the reforms contained in the constitutional document on human rights and freedoms, such as fairness of the rights of women and children, by eliminating a number of separate articles in some laws that degrade the dignity of women, such as criminalizing female circumcision and acknowledging the woman’s right to accompany her children in travelling outside Sudan and other rights.

- The Cyber ​​Crime Prevention (Amendment) Act of 2020 was also ,approved, and its amendment has general features concerned with tightening penalties to protect rights, maintain privacy, and prevent the spread of rumors and harmful dissemination.

The Criminal Law (amended) 2020 and the law stipulated the penalty for impersonating others with a maximum of ten years in prison instead of six months.

The Ministry of Justice confirmed that these steps are considered a basic building block for extending justice in Sudan and to upgrade the Sudanese justice system to cope with international judicial standards.