Agricultural Bank receives 3.6 million sacks of wheat

2020-07-12 20:04:52.370 | view 151 | share : |

Khartoum, July 12 (SUNA) - The Agricultural Bank of Sudan (ABS) has received 3,551,417 sacks of wheat and seeds from farmers of the winter season 2019-2020 at the announced stabilized price of wheat coming from Gezira, Al-Shamalia, White Nile, Nile River, Khartoum and the Eastern States; from which 48,546 sacks have been allocated as seeds from Gezira and White Nile States.


This was included in the cumulative daily report issued by the bank’s Strategic Reserve Department; where it received 2.880.139 sacks from Gezira State, 38,323 sacks from the Eastern Sector, 300,537 sacks  from Al-Shamalia State, 83,103 sacks from the Nile River, 62,422 sacks from the White Nile , and 3,347 sacks from Khartoum State.


The report touched on the amount of wheat distributed to the mills including 124,823 tons for the Seen mills, 92,000 for the Sayga Flour Mills, 65,244 tons for the Wheata Flour Mills, 22,252 tons for the Dove Mills, 15,336 tons for the Rotana Mills, 15,445 tons for the Al-Firdous Mills, 8,334 tons for the Medani and Managil Mills, and 7.214 For Tor Al-Dabba Mill of Sennar, 1,220 tons for Khartoum Mills.