Ministry of Irrigation: Sudan disapproves of filling the dam

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Khartoum, Sudan 27-7-2020 (SUNA) - Sudan on Monday rejected the Ethiopian unilateral measure on the filling of the dam without the three parties reaching a binding agreement as they have committed earlier


The Ministry of irrigation and water Resources, on Monday issued a statement saying the Trilateral negotiations on the Filling and Operations of the Greater Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) resumed evening Monday, the 27th of July 2020, at the invitation of South Africa, the current chair of the African Union.


However the ministry said that at the outset of the meeting the Sudanese Minister for Irrigation and Water Resources, Professor Yasser Abass, delivered a statement stating Sudan’s reservations concerning the unilateral measure taken by Ethiopia on starting the Filling process of the dam prior to reaching a binding agreement between the three parties.


The statement said the minister has stressed that his country, the Sudan, considered the move a harmful and alarming precedent in the process of cooperation between the three countries

The minister further detailed the many negative consequences resulting from this unacceptable unilateral measure.


And to ensure the success of the current round of negotiations, the minister called for drawing specific agenda for the entire negotiations period which was agreed to be of two weeks. Furthermore, specific protocol on exchange of information and reports be adopted among all parties.


The press release said the Sudanese Minister for Irrigation and Water Resources further stressed the need to give experts greater roles during the coming round of negotiations that should be based on what has been achieved so far and be focused on the pending issues of differences, without submitting new issues on the negotiating table.

The statement said the meeting was postponed for one week, on the request by the Sudan side, for further consultations.