Congress calls on US Administration to back Hamdouk overcome terrorist list related

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Khartoum, July 30 (SUNA)- US Secretary of the State along with senior member of the US Congress have called on the American Administration to back Sudanese Prime Minister to remove the Sudan from the list of States sponsor of terrorism. They argued this would be important not only for the Sudanese- US relations but also for democracy in the whole region


Senior member of the US Foreign Relations Committee Chris Coons, of the Democratic Party called for resolving the compensation question and for serving justice to families of the 1998 bombing. He hinted that this would help move bilateral relaiosn forwards.


Mr Coons said called   on Secretary Pompeo and on the American Administration to do all they can to help Prime Minister Hamdouk achieve justice for those victims and to set the foundation for an American democratic partner in the region


Pompeo has said his administration would very soon submit before the committee a legislation on finding justice to the victims and their families and lifting the name of the Sudan from the terrorism list

He said he had talked to the Sudanese PM and to other government officials a handful of times on the issue


Pompeo said the current developments in the Sudan do not occur every day and that it was in the interest of the United States of America;s foreign policy and the region, to help  remove the Sudan from the terror list