(UNITAMS) in Kassala discusses ways of State’s Support

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Kassala, Aug. 10 (SUNA) The acting governor of Kassala state, Arbab Mohammed al- Fadul, has received the advanced team of the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), headed by Stephen McCoyer, and included specialists in different fields, and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the General Intelligence Apparatus.

The mission’s delegation discussed during a joint meeting with the state’s security committee, in the presence of different organs of the state, all the state issues, its technical, logistic, and training needs, especially in the fields of societal peace, and the support of democratic transition, in addition to the support of the vital communal sectors, the youth, and women, besides the needed assistance for the coming elections following the end of the transitional period, and the training of specialists in the military, justice, judiciary, administrate and political fields and the education of people with the coming stage.

The head of the planning team, Stephen McCoyer, said that the UNITAMS planning team visits aims for consultation with the state’s authorities on the implementation of the mission’s goals, and the state’s needs that differ from other states.

The acting governor noted that the meeting with mission’s delegation discussed the issues of boarders, the necessity of providing technical support, and the trainings of the military organs to carry its role in combating the crimes before it happen, considering that fact that Kassala state is an  international crossing point for many transnational crimes, especially the crimes of human trafficking and smuggling of all kinds, especially drugs, weapons and goods that negatively affect societal peace and the country’s economic security.

The governor has reviewed the idea a permanent headquarters for the mission in the state, stressing that the state will be the beginning of the mission work, expressing his appreciation to the federal government for giving the state of Kassala this opportunity to serve its citizens.