SRF Welcomes FFC Call for Reform Conference

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Khartoum, Aug. 10- (SUNA) - The Presidential Council of the Revolutionary Front has welcomed the invitation of the Forces of Freedom and Change for holding a conference for the alliance reform.

The council indicated in a statement of which SUNA received a copy today, its confirmation and welcome for the invitation, and its readiness to meet with FFC delegation in Juba, as soon as possible, pointing to Juba as of a special meaning in the new national project and building strategic relationships with the neighborhood, starting with the people in the Republic of South Sudan.

The Presidential Council of the SRF indicated that the upcoming peace project is a great opportunity to address the problems of the establishment of the first transitional period, the strengthening of the partnership between all forces of the revolution and change and the masses of the revolution, and to build a healthy partnership between civilians and the military, with the realization of each party to the importance of the other.

The Council has indicated the necessity of the participation of the Resistance Committees, families of martyrs, women, youth and the rural areas of Sudan in any coming conference, calling for not restricting task of liberating issues of reform and construction to the FFC and neglect the masses.

The council has introduced a number of proposals for the preparation of the conference, the most important of which is the formation the delegation from all the FFC delegation, including those who have frozen their membership in the coalition, or entities that have witnessed some divisions, including the Sudan’s Liberation Movement, led by Minawi.