Manis: Protection of Civilians Affirms Government and UNAMID Cooperation

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Khartoum, Aug.13 (SUA) – The Cabinet Affairs Minister, Ambassador, Omar Manis said the holding of the joint workshop between the government and the UNAMID on the Protection of Civilians, on this time, affirms the spirit of cooperation between the two sides.

Ambassador, Manis addressing the opening session of the workshop, held in Salam Rotana Hotel, Thursday, said the deliberations will enable the UN, the UNAMID team , the international and regional partners assess the implementation of the National Plan for Protection of Civilians and the challenges facing Some of the axes in the short and long terms.

“The victory of Glorious December Revolution constitutes the first step of changing the concept of the protection of civilians: Manis said.

He indicated that the constitutional document set the reference framework by adopting peace as the priority of the transitional Period and guaranteed the principles of equality, citizenship, freedoms and rights, stipulating the establishment of the relevant commissions in all its aspects.