Khartoum State Governor rings bell signaling start of Sudanese certificate exams

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Khartoum, Sept. 13(SUNA) - The Governor of Khartoum State, Ayman Khaled Nimer, rang the bell at a school for girl students at Mayo District, south of Khartoum, today signaling start of the Sudanese certificate examinations in Khartoum State centers.

 The governor hailed the teachers and students and their families for their efforts and patience over the events that the country witnessed this year, starting from the coronavirus pandemic through torrential rains and floods.

He affirmed their follow-up to continuation of the Sudanese certificate exams in the required manner until their end, thanking all organizations and citizens as they extend a helping hand to students, reflecting the cohesion of the Sudanese people.

Director General of Education in Khartoum State Mohamed Ibrahim Ali assured parents that the exams are going in a natural environment as all means of comfort are provided for students, including health aids and transportation to the exam centers.

The director of the school, Ghada Hassan Yusuf, explained that the center includes 421 girl students who sat today to take the exams for Islamic and Christian education.

It is worth noting that the total number of students who sit for exam this year in Khartoum State stands at 154,960 sitting in 880 centers in the seven localities of the state.

This is the longest academic year in Sudan, as students were scheduled to sit for exams on time in April, but they are delayed by coronavirus pandemic until the current September.