Education Minister: new vision and experience for education in Sudan

2020-09-16 00:58:04.613 | view 229 | share : |


Khartoum, 15 (SUNA) - The Minister of Education, Professor Mohammed Al-Amin Al-Tom, has affirmed that the Ministry has a new vision for education in Sudan, indicating that there will be a change in the schools in the curricula, environment, the teachers and their treatment, noting to introducing new experience to make the students happy and change the country’s prevailing situation.

The minister pointed in SUNA’s Forum, today, not to allow flogging by the teachers or entering the classroom carrying flogging tools, or using verbal violence, underlining difficulties in the learning process with shortage in schools due to floods’ destruction and the torrents in most states , and the shortage in the textbooks, infrastructure, teachers, and the collapse of homes of some students.

Prof. Al-Tom asserted the Finance Ministry’s commitment on free education and the school meal, pointing to some emergency circumstances that led to the postponement of the school year from the 27th of September to the 22nd of November 2020 due to the lack of readiness and preparation in many schools.