Saleh: The Empowerment Removal Committee employees do not have salaries

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Khartoum, Sept.21 (SUNA) - A member of the Empowerment Removal.Wajdi Saleh, announced that the total amounts received by the Empowerment Removal Committee through the Ministry of Finance within 10 months is 9 million pounds.

He explained that the number of employees of the dismantling committee is 199 people, and there are 200 people from the force and security agencies working to implement the decisions of the committee, indicating that these people do not include an employee who receives a salary, but rather depends only on incentives.

Wagdy said that the dismantling committee depends on the revolutionaries of the Sudanese people, indicating that the workers do not receive any salaries, but rather work to achieve the slogans of the revolution. , Stressing that the revolution is guarded by the sincere revolutionaries.