Geneva Institute for Human Rights and Sudan's Judicial Sciences Institute sign agreement

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Khartoum, Sep. 22 (SUNA) - The Geneva Institute for Human Rights at the headquarters of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Sudan to the United Nations and international organizations in Geneva signed a joint cooperation agreement with the Institute of Judicial and Legal Sciences of Sudan.

The agreement was signed in the presence of Ambassador Ali bin Abi Talib, Permanent Representative of Sudan in Geneva by Nizar Abdul Gader Saleh , the Executive Director, for the Geneva Institute, while the Dean of the Judicial and Legal Sciences Dr. Sawsan Saeed Shendi, has signed for the Institute.

The agreement was signed on base of the two sides' common goals for promoting and the dissemination of the human rights culture, and their desire to consolidate principles of joint work between them and to develop and enhance the relationship in the scientific and legal fields.

The agreement has included a number of provisions for the enhancement of the capacities of the judges, the members of the Public Prosecution Office, the legal advisors at the Ministry of Justice, lawyers and students of the College of Law in the field of human rights and their development, with the conduction of studies and research in the field of human rights, and the organization of activities related to the exchange of experiences and the spread of human rights’ culture, in addition to the exchange of visits and experiences.

The Executive Director of the Geneva Institute for Human Rights noted to the signing of the agreement as an important step for the expected positive return from it, pointing to the signing of te agreement comes in the framework of the intensive efforts made by the Geneva Institute for Human Rights to support the transitional period and achieve a secure future for Sudan.

 the Dean of the Institute of Judicial and Legal Sciences, Dr. Sawsan Saeed Shendi, on her part noted that the signing of the joint cooperation agreement reflects belief in the necessity to strengthen the capabilities of the Sudanese justice agencies for the establishment of human rights principles, concepts and standards in general, and in order to activate the implementation of international human rights conventions that Sudan is a party to in the national courts, emphasizing importance of the agreement as the first step for more cooperation.

The Sudan’s permanent representative to the United Nations Office and intonational organizations in Geneva asserted importance of capacity-building and raising awareness of human rights issues among the Sudanese government agencies, especially in the justice field, expressing the willingness of the Sudan mission in Geneva to support initiatives aimed at improving human rights conditions in Sudan by various means, including exchanging experiences with international institutions and organizations working in the field of human rights, commending the signing of the agreement in a time that the Sudan began to occupy a distinguished position within the framework of international human rights mechanisms, headed by the Human Rights Council.