First Economic Conference’s Sectoral workshops recommend financing of electricity emergency plan

2020-09-26 20:38:42.467 | view 352 | share : |

Khartoum, September 26 (SUNA) - The sectoral workshops of the first economic conference, in its fifth session on Saturday evening at the Friendship Hall, recommended provision of fund to the emergency plan of the projects of the electricity sector during the year 2021, the approval of amendments to the Electricity Law for the year 2001 to prepare the environment for internal and external investment while granting concessions and incentives for the private sector to invest in the electricity sector.

It also recommended establishment of a fund to finance renewable energy projects, finding new financing formulas for electricity sector projects with the participation of citizens through shares, reviewing and evaluating electricity tariffs, stressing the independence of the Technical Unit on the Electricity Regulation and Monitoring.

In the oil and gas sector, the sectoral workshops recommended that the government and the operating companies commit to the provision of adequate funding to implement work programs in the short and long term in the sector to increase the proposed production rates, establish an oil portfolio or fund and adopt a comprehensive strategic plan that absorbs the interrelationships among the oil and other economic sectors.

In the field of mining, the workshops recommended reviewing, evaluating and restructuring the mining sector and issuing incentive policies for the manufacturing industries in the mineral sector, stressing the need to join the global standard of transparency as well as tightening coordination relations and removal of intersections among all levels of government in the field of implementing energy and mining projects.