Wall Street Journal: Sudan Deserves to be delisted from terrorist list

2020-09-29 21:50:52.000 | view 266 | share : |


Khartoum, The Editorial Board of the US leading Magazine Wall Street Journal, on Tuesday, called on the US Administration to remove Sudan’s name from the list of the countries sponsoring terrorism, adding that Sudan’s remaining on the list hinders its democratic path and pulls it back to terrorism and religious extremism.

The paper pointed out that Sudan’s leaders open discussion on establishment of relation with Israel shows the change took place in that country since the downfall of the dictatorial regime of Al-Basher.

“The Trump Administration diplomacy works to get Khartoum closer to the west, but it needs to be supported by the US Congress” the paper underlined.

 The news report indicated that the Sudanese Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulla Hamdouk took office following wide popular protests that led to the end of the defunct regime, adding that Hamdouk managed to repeal draconian Islamic laws and give civil society some breathing room and government has promised elections in 2022.