Environment Council: Efforts Exert  to Use Plastic in Producing  Fuel.

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Khartoum Sept30(SUNA)- Deputy Chairman of Higher Council of Environment, Rural and Urban Development, in Khartoum State, Tarig Hamdna Allah has affirmed that the council welcomed all researchers’ efforts aimed at presenting solutions and treatment for environmental issues.

This came when he addressed a seminar held on Wednesday at friendship hall in Khartoum on the experiment of plastic in producing fuel.  

 The experiment was presented by the researchers Muayad Al-Amin and Yunis Ali from the Sudanese Center for Democracy and Development.

 Hamadna Allah said that the world was heading towards reducing garbage dumps and halting burying plastics under the ground. Because he said that would affect the type of Bactria and the bacterial content underground.  

The council’s deputy chairman uncovered that understanding memorandum would be signed between the council and the Sudanese center for democracy   and development on the said experiment.