Ethiopian Foreign Minister Calls for Joint Work with Sudan for Sustainable Solutions to Floods

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Khartoum, Sept. 30 (SUNA) – The Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Gedu Andargachew, said that both his country and Sudan are suffering from the floods that cause loss in lives and property in every rainfall season, calling for the cooperation of the two parties with the neighbors to put an end to this situation through sustainable solutions.

He said in a press statement upon arrival and delivery of the Ethiopian humanitarian aid for the flood-affected people in Sudan that the two sides shall work together to control the situation by cooperating to implement "long-term solutions” in order to mitigate the impacts of the floods, expressing the readiness of Ethiopia to work with Sudan and the neighboring countries to achieve this goal.

He said that the relief aid that Ethiopia sent to Sudan, while Ethiopia itself was suffering from floods in a number of its regions, was a “symbolic expression from Ethiopia of its solidarity with Sudan and its brotherly people."

He said that the Ethiopian support shipment contains 400 kantars of food materials, edible oil, sugar and maize flour in addition to 600 tons of tents, medicines and medical equipments.