National Congress announces measures for addressing the economic situation

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Khartoum, May 14(SUNA)-The National Congress (NC)'s Leadership Office, in a meeting which was chaired by the President of the Republic and Chairman of the Party, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir and extended till early Monday , announced a package of measures to solve the current economic problem following deliberation and approval of a report presented by the Party's Economic Sector . The Office gave directive to increase revenues, decrease expenditures, halting issuance of letters of security, confining spending to first chapter at federal and state levels, set measures for travel and cut steering budget by 25 percent. Assistant of President of the Republic and Deputy Chairman of National Congress, Dr Faisal Hassan Ibrahim said in press statements following the meeting that the Leadership Office gave directive for revising the development budget and identifying fundamental projects to be implemented. He added the Office affirmed importance of boosting confidence in banks, employment of resources for production and export and placing more attention to small -scale and medium projects and microfinance. Dr Faisal said the Party gave directive for spreading of bank services and use of technology at the center and the states, directing foreign currency for purchasing basic goods and agricultural and industrial inputs as priority and preventing government companies and corporation from buying hard currencies from the parallel market whatsoever the reasons. He explained that the report of the Party Economic Sector set matrix of basic commodities and calls for removal of obstacles leading to overstock of goods, establishment of an export portfolio , use of electronic payment , increase production of existing oilfields, providing funds for maintenance of refineries , tightening management over distribution of oil products by using nontraditional means, blocking smuggling exits and giving, agriculture, electricity , mining and public transport priority in distribution of gasoline. Sa/sa