Khartoum, August 18 (SUNA) - The Armed Forces Issued a statement on the military operations on Friday.  Hereunder SUNA publishes the text of the report:

General Command of the Armed Forces Friday, 18th August 2023 25: 11

All units and military regions are under full operational control of our forces with the Grace of Allah.

The 16th infantry division in Nyala continues to give lessons in heroism and steadfastness, where it managed to crush all the efforts of the rebel militia to attack the headquarters of the division and inflict huge losses in personnel and equipment including during the last attempt today evening. The division is fully prepared, with the help of Allah, to crush any other attempt.

Our forces in the central capital region directed a number of strikers on gatherings of the rebel militia in the center and south of Khartoum, East Nile and in Omdurman.

The Special Missions Forces continue to direct painful strikes on the militia in all three cities of the capital.

We continue to closely monitor all the intentions of the enemy and are fully prepared to deal with them inside and outside the central capital at any time.

Office of the spokesperson of the armed forces

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