Cairo, July 22, 2023 (SUNA) - Chargé d'Affairs of the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in Cairo, Ambassador Muhammad Abdullah Al-Tom, met at the embassy's premises the day before yesterday with Dr. Ibrahim Musa Muhammad Hamdoun, Director General of the Public Corporation for Antiquities, and his accompanying delegation from the Committee for the Rescue and Protection of Sudanese Heritage,  Archaeological Sites and Historical Collectibles.

The Chargé d'Affaires was briefed by the delegation on the extent of damage to archaeological sites all over Sudan, as well as the documents and historical holdings as a result of the violations carried out by the rebel Rapid Support militia. 

The Chargé d’Affairs of the Sudanese Embassy in Cairo also got acquainted with the efforts of the corporation, the Committee and its employees inside and outside Sudan in preservation of these sites and antiquities, which are surrounded by great dangers in light of their systematic exposure to theft, looting and smuggling, which exposes the Sudanese identity expressed by these sites and collectibles to obliteration, distortion and extinction.

The Director of the General Corporation for Antiquities reviewed the initiative taken by the committee in communicating with global and international organizations working in the field of protecting and preserving heritage in order to devise plans and programs that enable the preservation and protection of antiquities, including its participation and organization of a number of workshops in this regard.

These efforts have resulted positively in the commitment of many organizations to work side by side with the corporation to implement plans to preserve and protect Sudan's antiquities and museums and to support them financially, technically and logistically.

For his part, the Chargé d’Affairs appreciated the efforts of this committee, which seeks to preserve the memory and identity of Sudan, its civilization and the history of its people, describing these efforts as an act of popular resistance against the violations and attacks of the rebel Rapid Support militia that is targeting Sudan, its state and people, in the essence of its entity, identity and cultural and historical composition, stressing that he is certain that the Sudanese army supported by its conscious and proud people will defeat this plot, adding that the more nations progress, the more they care about their heritage, origin and culture, stressing that it is our duty as Sudanese to preserve them because that is an important part of the battle for survival and steadfastness in this important historical circumstance, standing against the barbarism and brutality of these rebel militias. 

The Chargé d'Affairs affirmed the embassy's support for the work and efforts of this committee, announcing the embassy's commitment to providing a headquarters for the committee's work and supporting it with aids and contacts that allow it to implement its initiative to save and preserve these heritage and historical antiquities and collectibles, in a manner that guarantees the achievement of its lofty goals. BH/BH

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