Khartoum, Sunday, May 21 (SUNA) - The United States of America and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced, in a joint statement, on Saturday, that representatives of the Sudanese army, the Rapid Support Forces (the rebel militia), have agreed to a week-long ceasefire, which begins on Monday.

The statement said that Washington and Riyadh announced that representatives of the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces have signed the truce, and pledged not to seek field gains during the 48 hours preceding the start of the humanitarian truce.

The statement stated that the cease-fire "can be extended with the consent of the two parties," who also agreed to "deliver and distribute humanitarian aid, restore basic services, and withdraw forces from hospitals and basic public facilities."

Fighting between the two sides has led to a breakdown in law and order and stocks of food. Cash and basic necessities are also running low. There was mass looting of banks, embassies, factories and aid stores (attributed to the rebel militia). 

The agreement provides for the warring parties to facilitate the arrival of humanitarian aid, restore services and withdraw from hospitals and public facilities, while the ceasefire will enter into force on Monday at 09:45 pm Khartoum time.

The statement revealed that the humanitarian truce will be subject to an international monitoring mechanism supported by the United States and Saudi Arabia, unlike previous truces. Washington and Riyadh called on the parties to fully commit to implementing the truce agreement, delivering humanitarian aid and providing relief. BH/BH 

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